JSSer’s Meet in Texas Hill Country – Feb 2014

The fourth Thursday each month is reserved for JSS (Just Say Sew) gatherings. The 2014 February had a few JSSer’s traveling in the Texas Hill Country to attend a Sue Spargo “Creative Stitching” workshop that week. The Thursday was the day-to-travel-home INCLUDING a stop at JSSer Sarah’s. Sarah used to live in DFW area and

it was such a treat to visit her and see her new home! They built their house in Burnet, Texas. Texans have a way-with-words and Burnet is actually spoken like “Burn-It,” not “Burn-nett.”  (Somewhar out thar I wonder if there is a blog of Texas-speak. Prolly.)

Sarah really did meet us at the front door but there are no photos of front door hugs to share.  Sarah really did invite us to sit in the more-than-comfy living room, but OFF to the quilt studio was the path.


One wall is covered for designing and current projects abound. If this pattern is not the one that matches those blocks, Sarah can comment.IMG_0635

Here is one block of another block of the month.



Is this block of the month current, still available? That was one of the conversations that started, continued, but did not have an ending….all of us know how that goes…

This fabulous mini quilt is bound and done!


See Sarah’s Sweet Sixteen snuggled between two tables.


Here is just one of Sarah’s quilts she has quilted.

IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638

The photo is at a local motel where Sarah set up quilting while home building project went on and on and on. Creativity abounds with Sarah and Dear Hubby!

This is the current quilting at the Sweet Sixteen! BEAUTIFUL!

IMG_0630 IMG_0631

Sarah has hand quilting in process too. JSSer’s will recognize these blocks!


Here is Sarah’s light box/table! Viewing space is quite large!


This is the dining room. Sarah stepped outside to make a phone call and you can see one of the patio areas.

IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0645

Sorry for the quick photo take of Sarah, but wanted to show part of the kitchen.


This is one favorite quick photos of the day. It makes me LOL!  Sarah GLOWS with excitement and joy and expressed herself showing us project after project! Peggy’s reaction is great and Madelyn’s pondering is priceless. LOVE IT!


Sarah’a afternoon plan included attending a new appliqué group meeting. She has many quilting friends and she phoned one of them to see if we could go meet her. What a treat to meet Mary. Here are Peggy, Mary, Madelyn and Sarah.IMG_0653


It was a beautiful day and in this photo we are at the top of some stairs that lead to a “looking point” over the Colorado River.

IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652

This is Mary’s sewing room where a few friends have gathered.IMG_0656 IMG_0657

The natural light in this area is certainly bright and the view inspiring.

What a wonderful visit we had with Sarah! She needed to head to her appliqué group.  Mary’s sewing machine and friends were awaiting her return. And it was time for the JSS Hill Country of Texas Thursday meeting to adjourn. Here is one last photo of the Hill Country.


6 thoughts on “JSSer’s Meet in Texas Hill Country – Feb 2014

  1. Thanks so much for posting all the photos. It was a great day to remember. Loved having you all visit. I feel so privileged to make it on your blog!!

  2. Great re-cap & photos! Sorry Diane & Patty were not driving back to DFW with us! Wonderful day and so good to see Sarah & her new home…….still in progress!

  3. Great pics & blogging about the day..So good to see Sarah & in work in your pic.. Great job Judy.. Sorry we missed the tour.

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