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The “Why” of this blog?

“Gramma, I did not know that your name is Judith!”

began granddaughter. She continued with paragraph perspective of knowing that my name was Judy, but not knowing the full name. Descriptive sentences were linked together as only nine year old girls do, not using run-on sentences, but conveying her sensationally sincere, sweet sentiments that melted the heart of this Gramma!  Ahhgain!

She was not happy that she did not know!

We all know the feeling. None of us like that feeling of not knowing, or feeling left out.  Now she was happy!  Her mother had included her, not left her out and told her Gramma’s full name.  Now she was thrilled to know the full, complete name.  Her everyday expression from the back seat while coming to Gramma’s house was filled with excited exuberant expressions that melted the heart of this Gramma!  Ahhgain!

It is time for the family pictures to move from the storage boxes to blogs and books. If you continue to read and stay connected here, please remember, it is my heart’s desire to connect one generation with the next. Welcome!


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Table Runners – Four Patches & Aprons – a closer look

What HAPPY fabrics these are!

IMG_2385And where some four patches are small and cute, these are large and still cute!


Not long ago I shared photos of my summertime kitchen.


Even when I showed a closer view of the table runner that graces the counter top, you cannot really see these happy fabrics.


And the aprons are SO fun!


IMG_2391 IMG_2392

The pattern design and class “Join Me For Tea” are by Sally Brown.

You too can make these aprons!


I embellished with tiny buttons, but of course there are endless ideas.

IMG_2393 IMG_2394


Another reason I am blogging about these runners is because I found more information about the fabrics. Actually I found this cute little tin. No way could it be tossed, it is one of those ‘quilty items’ that become part of the quilter’s studio to hold tools or supplies and sometimes hold fond memories of a shopping excursion or more.


In 2006 Moda put out “The Tin Box Sampler Series, simple quilts for every quilter.” And inside are five inch squares to spark your creativity.

Here is what is printed on the back of the tin:

“Cherries Julilee”

“The fresh crisp look of this new line of fabric from American Jane will take you right back to Mom’s kitchen. It may even inspire you to make a pie. So whether you make napkins or a quilted tablecloth, you will share the cheerfulness that cherries bring.”

Yes, I was inspired by these fabrics! Thank you American Jane! This has brought back memories of my Mom’s Mom’s kitchen. I designed my kitchen after memories I had of Nanny’s kitchen. Soon I will take the time to find photos of Nanny and introduce you to her. There was a cherry tree outside her kitchen back door!

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