August Extra Quilting Days – week 1

Texas can be hot in August and week one of 2014 has become HOT! Fine time to call for EXTRA quilting days!

Patti gathered her gear and set up at Judy’s for two days of piecing. These girls are busy and camera took a quick shot.


 Cindy is singing a Christmas carol while working on Christmas wool block.

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JSS, July 2014 at Cindy’s

JSS fun in July was at Cindy’s home. Yes, it was a fun day. In fact, I had so much FUN I have less photos than normal. But JSSer’s all know that even a few photos help because if you miss the meeting or live elsewhere it is just what we need to keep our hearts connected.

Fortunately Cookie’s camera was at work and here is the link to her blog. You may want to read it first and I will be a tag-a-long this month. 

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