December 8 – JSS 2011 Christmas Party at Sally’s

Sally welcomes JSSers!  
“Are you EXCITED?”
The table is set.
The Christmas Tree is trimmed.
The mantle is decorated.
The angels are singing
and friends are gathering!
 Peggy, Lynn, Sue OK
 Lynn and Pam
 Patti and Kay
 Cindy and Patt
 Barb, Suz and Barbara
Sally and Susan
 Judy and Sally
 Shirley and Donna
 Susan and Nancy
 Patt and Tracie
 Lynn and Jules
 Gloria, Gretchen and Shirley
 Sueme and Sue
 Madelyn and Shirley
 Karen, LaLa and Pam
 Susan and Maggie
Betty and Donna
Barb and Judy

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