December 8 – JSS 2011 Christmas Party -"Brown Bag" Exchange

JSS 2011 Christmas Party tables are beautiful!
JSSers know how to set a spread!
The beaded ornaments glistened, glowed and danced in the sunlight!
 Sally knows how to display the treats!
JSSers know how to bring a variety of goodies.
JSSers know how to grin-
and it sure looks like they are
Silly Suz!!!
Show ‘n tell, door prizes, guessing games….

Sueme, Sue, Peggy, LaLa,
Patt, Lynn and Dede –
JSSers know how to line up
for show ‘n tell!

Jules show ‘n tell is a Christmas tree skirt.
She KNOWs how to paper piece!

Madelyn’s show ‘n tell is
“Three Sheets to the Wind.”

JSSers know how to dress in red!

JSSers know how to dress in green!

JSSers know how to share what they love!

JSSers know how to love what they share!

Gloria and Gretchen know how to radiate smiles!

Karen, LaLa, Dede and Pam
await the big reveal!


“Brown Bags” become Beautiful Bags!!! 

JSSers know how to gift wrap.
Now let’s see if they know their own fabric!

Sueme made Barb’s brown bag quilt.

Before LaLa received her brown bag from a JSSer
she showed the table runner from her Austin bee.

Peggy made LaLa’s JSS quilt.
LaLa gave the same Christmas candy cane fabric
in her Austin bee as well as JSS bee.

 Pam made Cindy’s

Suz made Susan’s 

Davene made Suz’s.

Patt made Tracie’s 

Karen made Peggy’s.
Karen worked on the quilt at retreat
right out-in-the-open
and then added the border at home
from the brown bag.

Judy Roybal made Madelyn’s.

Tracie made Sally’s 

Sally made Patti’s 

Sally’s quilt had a “story.”
Short version is – Sally made the quilt,
then turned around and found the brown bag
with the fabric still safely tucked in the bag,
not in the quilt.

Sue made Judy Roybal’s. 

Cindy made Sueme’s.

Barb made Patt’s. 

Nancy made Karen’s.

Susan cut a “very few” pieces from Pam’s fabric. 

Susan made Pam’s applique quilt. 

LaLa made Davene’s.

 Patti made Sue’s

Madelyn made Nancy’s.

Once again JSSers come-through with superior creativity!

From the top of our heads
to the tips of our toes,
JSSers know how to PARTY!!!

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