February “Firewood ALERT”


TXCountry Living so far this 2014 has seen many warm fires burning! Today there was a “firewood ALERT” which means that someone had put firewood at the curb for trash day! That sends this household into ACTION!

IMG_0470 IMG_0471

Yes, right by the trash cans is this unbelievable supply of firewood!!! One phone call and permission is granted to fetch the firewood.


Meanwhile back at our place the firewood supply is going down, down, down. So Pop Pop hooked up the flatbed trailer, found our leather gloves and the gathering of wood began.IMG_0473IMG_0474

The smaller limbs and branches were piled on top – great kindling!


This is REALLY good day when Gramma and Pop Pop can answer a “Firewood ALERT,” load the full trailer and empty it all in the same day! See the difference in the supply:


The prayers of gratefulness are being repeated by this Gramma and Pop Pop for health and well being to be able to do this TXCountry Living chore, for God’s provision of fuel for next year’s winter – because Texas winter is over  – right?  Hee Hee! God gave us 70 degree weather today!  THAT’S MY KINDA DAY for a “firewood ALERT!”

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