Cross Stitch Red and White Favorite

Keeping with the theme of red and white,

I would like to share about another antique quilt I own.  

Your guessed it!  It is one of my favorites!

Red & whiite cross stitch

From this distance the design is simply stunning and

Red & white cross stitch closeupI admit the simplicity is what drew me in!

Texas weather took a delightful turn. The skies are so blue, temps are warmer, so I took opportunity to take a few quilts outside to photograph in the bright sunshine. The wind was blowing in just the right direction to hold the quilt against the fence.IMG_0348

Whereby you can barely see the design, the red makes you want a closer look. All the red is still very red and the whole quilt is in great condition. The quilt measures 77″ x 79″.

 I have no remembrance right now as to when or where it was purchased. 

Look at these small, tiny stitches. The little ‘x’s’ are numerous!

And the quilting is beautifully done!IMG_0349 IMG_0350

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