Red and White Antique Quilt

Red and white is the description of this antique quilt I own.

 I do not even know the name of this simple block.IMG_0353

This larger block is repeated with alternate solid white blocks.


The whole quilt measures 86″ x 86″ so it is quite large!

 I have no remembrance right now as to when or where it was purchased. There are a few tatters and the binding is worn, but that tells it has been loved.

It is a stunning example of simplicity of the diagonal lines created by the consistent as well as broken chains.


Texas weather has taken such a delightful turn. The skies are so blue and temps are warmer, so I took opportunity to take a few quilts outside to photograph in the bright sunshine. The wind was blowing in just the right direction and held the quilt against the fence. Whereby this is a fun photo setting, here are two more shots so you can see the design and the outstanding straight line quilting.

IMG_0357 IMG_0358

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