Welcome Christmas 2014!

How can it be that it was TWO years ago that I posted!  
How do I decide what to post!
It’s Christmas Eve and here is some of the 2013 Christmas decor.
 Merry Christmas!!!
  “To Gramma’s House We Go” is the theme in the front foyer.  
The quilt has needlework that repeats that phrase.  
My talented, meticulously creative friend, Jean gave me the needlework as a gift!  
Then I made stars, stars and more stars.  
The finishing touches of quilting were added 
by my talented, meticulously creative, friend, Susan. 
 I must do a separate post with more pics of this!
 Yes, we needed the warmth of the wood stove this December. 
 I will post some pics of the 2013 Texas Ice Storm that was quite chilling!
 See the reflection in the silver ball?   Yes, it is my red iPad!   🙂
 This is a lantern that is new to the Christmas decor this year.  
Dear Hubby has been adding to my collection of lanterns over the years. 
 It is one of those things – you don’t realize you have a collection 
until you group them together and there it is.  Another collection! 
 I DO like lanterns!
 And with a final photo I will end this post,
 because it is time to pack up some gifts,
 travel to Ponder, Texas to begin our Christmas celebrations.
Today we meet new kittens that have been added to the family!
The Grands had to have been SURPRISED!
Looking forward to taking photos of kittens!
Merry, Merry 2013 Christmas Eve to Y’ll!!!

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