JSS April 2014 Compass Retreat (Yes, I know it is June.)

Yes, I really do know it is June, but I found some more April photos I need to blog! In years to come I certainly would not want to look back on 2014 and have no record of a JSS Retreat! They are THE BEST!!! In SO, SO MANY WAYS!

Each retreat is special for various reasons, but one reason this retreat was noteworthy is because  a special friend attended with us. Some of us absolutely cannot wait for the JSS retreat and have a hard time ‘splainin’ why it is so special. Maybe because it cannot be ‘splained,’ it makes others wonder about us and what goes on! But this special friend finally succumbed to requests and attended!

D, we LOVED having you with us! Here are three quilters that share special friendship! Madelyn Norville, D Starnes and Judy Linn.


Melissa had invited and invited D to come to Compass Centre and this was THE year!  Melissa wanted D’s ‘input’ for the planning of the memorial garden in the ‘backyard.’ Continue reading

Quilts – Have-to-Share pics

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” is a good, good line.  Add an image of a quilt in the picture and there are many, many more words!

Black and Red – what a combo:

 I am sure you noticed that Purple was added for bling!

Those Black, White, Red and Purple quilts decorate the walls of my favorite room where I “retreat” several times a year in Mt. Calm, Texas at The Compass Centre – http://www.compasscentre.com/.  The last pic is the window covering!

Here are more quilts that line the hallway:

Each room at The Compass Centre has a different name and color theme!

 One room has quilts on the beds that are all pink and black!


 Red*Hot ‘n’ Blue!

 Twisted Sisters!

 Are these flowers pictures on the wall? Or quilts?

As you can tell, this is a FUN place to “retreat”!!!  If you see a quilt that inspires you, it may be a kit.  Check out the shop on the web site.

Hope you have enjoyed these “Have-to-Share” pics!  Happy Quilting!