JSS April 2014 (Yes, I know it is June.)

Yes, I know it is June and this is a blog about the JSS April gathering. Today as I was looking through dates in the blog posts, I realized that I had a few photos of the April meeting at Sally’s that I did not post. It is so worth the catch-up and will bring smiles.¬†Sally’s request for JSS bee at her house was for us to wear something that is in our closet, that really should NOT be in our closet anymore. Who US?

Let’s begin with Sally. ¬†Can you say “collar!”

IMG_1616 - Version 2

And you must see the WHOLE outfit!  Including shoes!


Madelyn had a collar that was special too, but the GLASSES are more the focus!


Fabrics were from several decades! ¬†How about Lynda’s pants!


Barb had warned us that she still had these clothes.  At retreat when we were watching a JSS video from years gone by, she admitted she STILL had the clothes.  And she is right about not having a problem with the look, because similar plaids are in the stores currently!

See that camera in Barb’s hand! I see it! ¬†Please tell me you see it! Barb is a blogger! ¬†Actually I believe she has even been called Blogger Barb! Since I had only a few photos from JSS at Sally’s, I decided to review Barb’s blog to see ALL the photos she took at Sally’s. Yes, we were both at Sally’s! Yes, we both took pics! I am just now making my blog entry in June of the April bee…..come on Barb you can still do yours!

Hee Hee, can you tell I am teasing Barb! Because while searching for Barb’s blog at Sally’s I found this blog about someone giving her a kick-in-the-pants! ¬†Was it these red pants, Barb?

Not so sure what we can say that about these pants/coveralls of Cookie’s and Suz’s!


Karen pulled out some polyester. Mona chose long!


LaNelle brought HUGE laughs with her not-so-huge HOT PANTS!  They were so small that she pinned them to her front!  O my РSO FUNNY!  And SO TINY!


Sally made a fashion statement with the table decor too!  Look at this retro tablecloth!


And then Sally went to the closet and came to center stage to model this!


Whereby we all know that Sally could have made/sewn/painted this beauty, she did not.  She paid $ for it!


And this is my¬†short¬†blog about JSS at Sally’s. I took a few photos of clothing and none of show ‘n tell. ¬†What’s up with that!

O wait!  There are more bloggers in JSS!  See that camera in the background!

COOKIE TO THE RESCUE! Here is the link to Cookie’s blog and many more photos of the FUN, FUN JSS April 2014 bee meeting at Sally’s!