August Extra Quilting Days – week 1

Texas can be hot in August and week one of 2014 has become HOT! Fine time to call for EXTRA quilting days!

Patti gathered her gear and set up at Judy’s for two days of piecing. These girls are busy and camera took a quick shot.


 Cindy is singing a Christmas carol while working on Christmas wool block.

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Quilt in a Cup

It’s a cup. It’s a clear plastic cup. It has a straw. It is colorful.  It is full of fabric!IMG_0887 IMG_0888

What a FUN gift from KY Sis. It has been ‘decor’ in the studio long enough. Time has come to decide what design to piece. What do you think you would do with these colors?  The cuts are fat quarters.

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KY Empty Bobbins Bee meeting Mar 2014

KY Quilters in the Empty Bobbins Bee met today at KY Sis’ home for a day together. Chilly weather did not deter them from gathering. TX Sis is grateful KY Sis has a phone to take photos to text show ‘n tell across the miles! To begin Arline has great poppy fabric.


KY Sis, Phyl has her Chevron Challenge. No rules, just a challenge to one another.

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