Road Trip to Tennessee

From Lexington, KY to Pulaski, TN is a not-so-long ride.  
Time for three siblings to be together. 
Here we are – Ron Terry, Phyllis Terry Briggs and Judy Terry Linn.
We were born and raised in Ohio.  Ron lives in Tennessee.
Phyl lives in Kentucky.  And Judy lives in Texas.
Let me introduce my brother, Ron and his wife Pat.  This is one (and I have many) of my favorite photos of this visit!  Ron and Pat’s home is so inviting.  There is creativity everywhere and I can’t wait to show you pics from all around their property.
Our motorhome slid right in beside the barn.

Let’s go for a walk around the barn.
Look up.
Look at the porch swing – ready to go to the porch?
Look at the leaning tree!
 Look down! Rock by rock construction.
Can it be said Ron collects golf clubs and balls and…and…
Merry, Happy, and all those celebrations!
And behind the barn is another building yet to explore!
Again, this is one very cool Tennessee barn!
Even though the temps were past 90 degrees, the back patio was a favorite spot!
O – o – I am caught with iPhone in hand.
Stan is finished with lunch. 
 A butterfly came to greet us!
Day lilies were in bloom!
The serenity and peaceful-ness —- everywhere!
In the evening I noticed the lightening bugs and I could not resist!  Childhood memories of growing up in the midwest returned and I had to go catch some of their light!  Hmmmmmm – it seemed easier back then!  How long has it been since you have caught them?  
Can’t say I have seen any lightening bugs in Texas!
This is the jar of lightening bugs the next morning, and yes, I did release them.
Puppy would lead me around the property.

Always a tree down here or there that could be made ready for firewood.
Another building – weathered and beautiful!
What do you think of this rock foundation?

Log cabin design of course reminds me of constructing a log cabin quilt block. 

See why I said I have many favorite pics!  I see creativity and design in all these!
Shall we go inside and see more.  
Not only do Ron and Pat take care of all this property, gardens, etc,
Pat plays the piano too.
I mentioned Ron collects golf, golf & more golf, 
so now you will see some of what Pat collects.
What’s this – fabric?  Pat collects FABRIC!
Yup, you guessed it, she is a quilter!
Let the show ‘n tell begin:
Sorry, Pat, this looks like a surprise pic, but I couldn’t leave this block of the month out.
Again, I know this blog is longer than I expected, but I have to share a few more family pics.

Ron and Pat are here with two of their ‘grands’ Alex and Becka.

Here are the girls!
Pat, Judy, Becka, Phyl and Alex.

Here are the guys!
Jim had already been back to the pond to catch some fish.
Stan and Ron are waiting for golf buddy to come for their day of golf.

And here’s the group:
Ron & Pat, Jim & Judy, Stan & Phyl
Hope you have enjoyed this TN trip and meeting my TN/KY Family!
Love, love, love them!