Road Trip to Kentucky

Texas to Kentucky is a long ride!  But here are many pics that tell it was a great visit!


KY Sis, Phyl lives in Lexington, KY and we enjoyed beautiful breezes on her front porch!
Phyl and Stan built their KY home several years ago – O – SO – Comfy!!!!

 This Lil One is hiding in the front flower bed! Shhhh – thinks we can’t see ‘m.
Welcome wreath to the back yard!
The yard, gardens and blooms are so beautiful – no need for words.
 Surely this Lil One knows we can see ‘m.
Shall we move the tour inside……
As you can see – touring room to room is also a quilt show!
Wanna see Phyl’s studio?
The view is the beautiful back yard!
 Don’t miss that lil red machine in front of the window.  I have a close up of that one coming!
Quilt on wall is SO cute!  Let’s see if I can make this image larger:
For real?  Yes, for real!  Fabric closet is waaaaay too neat!  Let me at it!
Enough of that – let’s see finished quilts.  They are in every room!
How about this to brighten up a powder room!
Looks to me like she actually finishes quilts with those block of the month kits!
What a novel idea!
O look – it is a person!  I realize I have not yet shared pics of KY fam.  Keep scrooling.
Stan is in the breakfast room – and yes, that’s a newspaper in hand – not online news!
The patio door is open to the beginning of another gloriously cool KY day!
Rotating quilts around the house is one of Phyl’s favorite decorating delights!
The side door brings light into the laundry area – and the rwb quilt is on this wall. 
And here is an ‘escape’ block from one of the bom classes!
Gotta show this one larger too.  The fabric is beautiful!
Phyl loves butterflies so here is one of quilts that she actually used some of her butterfly fabric stash.

One more closet that you must see!  Phyl has a STASH of quilts from which to choose when she is in the mood to leave her studio and redecorate the house!
Who hangs a quilt on a closet wall!
O wait, the same Sis who hangs a quilt in her garage:

Now you have to see Phyl and Stan’s family!
Introducing Owen, the newest grandson:
Big Brother Mason and Gramma are playing
 And Big Brother Evan is the oldest!
Cheek to cheek with Aunt Julie!
And the parents of these three grandsons are – Lauren and David Briggs.
 And the next few pics are of the “wrangling” of three grandsons to be in ONE photo!  Silly people!  Why would three boys want to be in one pic and look at one camera!
 Whew!  Let’s move to the patio!  Enough of these kodak moments!
 Just have to add this one.  Gramma has a place in her house where she checks on the growth!
 Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy can ‘wrangle’ this one just fine! 
Owen is easy-goin’!  
 And he grins especially big for his precious Mama!
Well, now this blog is kinda-sorta-long and what do I find, 
but a couple more quilt pics from Phyl’s show ‘n tell.  So I will add these and stop. 
 I will save the Kentucky Horse pics for another day.
How is this for a bright red and white log cabin!
Gee, maybe we should use something else besides a foot to give ‘size perspective.’
These blocks were from a green trade with quilt group!  Lovely!
And this last red and white quilt reminds me that I said earlier 
 take notice of the “red machine” in the studio window.  
Hope you have enjoyed this KY trip and meeting my KY Family!
Love, love, love them!