Lala’s Creamery – a highlight of July Northern California trip

Tempted to order this?  YES, I was and I did!
Madelyn ordered a taller delight!
Patty is gonna love me for posting this photo series….
 And one last Patty-in-action shot!  
 Not to be out-done – Here is LaLa-in-action!!!
 Just try to look at this Peggy-in-action photo and not smile! 
 Something must have been very funny!!!
 Back to the cone!
 Gooooood to the laaaaaaaast……..
 And as if the treats were not enough of a highlight –
 this story expands because the name of the shop is
Lala’s Creamery!!!!!!
 This local establishment is maybe a half hour 
from LaLa’s new home in California!!!
 The decor is an old-fashioned-diary-bar – 
which brings back childhood memories for me. 
 Our family owned Terry’s Dairy Bar 
in Mansfield, Ohio when I was in grade school.  
What a fun, fun place!  Don’t miss it when you travel to Petaluma, CA!

More travels in Northern California

Yes, it is October and this blog draft of another day of the JULY Northern California is still sitting here waiting to be posted.  So here goes….

Re-wind – and think back to July.

Patty is in the driver’s seat and LaLa is co-pilot.  Peggy and Madelyn are back seat “drivers” and we are off – from Penngrove to Point Reyes Station – and stops in Petaluma.

Of course we are all smiles.
What’s not to like anticipating another day of “tasting!”

First stop of the day – The Cheese Factory.

Fun cookie jar collection inside.



Peaceful grounds outside!


Morning travel took us to Point Reyes National Seashore.


Into the visitor’s center


Yes, we learned that when you travel several miles
on the west coast, that the sun does disappear.
And the fog may hide the sites.
Fortunately we could see the dairy cows
who had ignored fences.
Patty and Peggy had on their walking shoes
and they ventured the path to the Light House.
Madelyn and I photographed the plants
in the sandy soil that had bushes of leaves
like our Texas Blue Bonnets.
Yellow daisy-like-blooms.
More blooms going to seed looking like Blue Bonnets. 
See, really like bushes!
Next stop The Station House Cafe,
in Point Reyes Station for lunch
This is Linda’s idea of comfort food:
Patty had another idea.
Judy had another idea:
Does that sign really say “wild west?”
After lunch, back on the road
going this way
And that!
Wildlife to see
And see
And see!
Patty handled the roads with ease!
She drove us to the quilt shop in Petaluma
just before closing time!
The owner collects crocheted hot pads.
Is this really a question for California?
Maybe for Texas!

Napa – continuing travel journal

Sorry for the delay in posting more about July trip.
Now it is August and Texas is STILL enduring 100 degree temps!
Reports say we have had over 55 days of the this exhaustive weather.
So I will return to California via this blog and
remember cooler, much cooler days in the wine country!
Where did we start our day in Napa?  Grocery shopping! 
 Seriously, we did!   is listed as New World Specialty Foods and 
we had to have some!
Patty’s Napa friend, Sue Jessel joined us for our Napa excursions.
Patty was raised in this part of California and
they raised their boys here too.
Not only does the owner of this business have an obsession with beans,
he collects Mexican movie posters.  They are colorful!

Linda and Madelyn purchased a cookbook. 
 Patty had a list of beans to restock her pantry.
We did have the discussion here about the pinto beans waffles.
Madelyn and I make them regularly.
Patty and Linda had not tried them,
so we purchased beans to further put the idea to rest
that waffles cannot be that tasty if made from beans.
All of this – thanks to our JSS Quilting Bud, Barb!
Check out her blog:
OK, so you can see that this is not exactly grocery shopping –
more of a shopping experience.
Thus the next stop was Trader Joe’s.
Here is a descriptive paragraph:
A chain of nearly 200 stores located throughout the United States. Trader Joe’s offers food (fresh and packaged—much of it organic and/or vegetarian) and beverages, including spirits and wines. Their selection includes specialty and imported items, and prices on everything are exceptionally low. Trader Joe’s has built a fanatic following of customers, and the public clamor (including letters to the editor) for a TJ’s in the Napa Valley took on near-cargo cult dimensions. The pleas were successful.
Sorry, no photos at Trader Joe’s.  I was shopping!
I did google Trader Joe’s to see if there is any update, but found none.
Speculation has it that Trader Joe’s is coming to Texas.
Next stop – Oxbow Public Market –
again another shopping experience!
Tasting – tasting – tasting!
Next stop downtown Napa – time to meet Napa friends,
 Nyrene Clark and Sandy Ellis
at Angele’s French Restaurant!

On the Napa River…



After lunch, time for quilt store in Napa!
Next stop Beringer Brothers’ Winery


                                  Impressive arches!


                                                   Lovely landscapes!

Informative tour into the cellars.
More tasting.
Then outside to tour the gardens.
Flowers and fruit trees.
Historical marker about this tree!
Close-up of the grapevines.
The Rhine House
Seventeen room mansion
completed in 1884
for the Beringer Family.
Not only were the hydrangea blooms huge,
the bushes were nearly shoulder high!
After the wine tasting, we ended our day 
with a delightful evening on the patio at
The Culinary Institute for more tasting
Soup and much more:


Dessert too

Thus ends this day of tasting.
Tomorrow begins another day of tasting.