Spring Road Trip to Texas Hill Country

April 15, 2011 — 7:45 am — 61 degrees — departing Colleyville
It is just as the sun is rising on my backyard flag poles
and there is just a slight breeze.
It was not long before the winds really began to pick up!
By the time I drove the 100 miles to Lake Whitney Dam
the wind was whipping flags straight out!
The flag at the top of the bridge is flying!
Those are WHITE caps on the Lake! It is rolling big time!
LOVE the Red, White & Blue when flying flat out like this!
Speaking of blue – here are a few blue bonnets
along the bank at Lake Whitney.
This is another patch along another road side.
As you can see, they are already going to seed.
These sunny yellow beauties were dancing in the wind too!

Today I did not see many large patches of blue bonnets,
but one field of a different purple flower was amazing:
Driving Highway 22 south there were many flying flags!
What a first impression to this ranch!
No kidding – this was wind was waaaaay strong!
Wind advisories were out and burn bans posted!
40-50 mph winds with hail was reported on radio
in last night’s storm that went through north of our house last night.
I am thinking they were the same speed today!
200 miles from home I stopped for Subway in Goldthwaite, Texas.
Say that one three times fast!
Lest you think this blog post is all about flags and flowers,
you know I could not resist these photo opportunities!
And last, but definitely not least! 🙂
Today I drove over 300 miles in the Texas Hill Country!
There are more pictures of flowers to come,
and this concludes this journal entry for today.
When I was reading about “how to write a blog”
one of the recommendations I remember is:
Write as though you were talking to your sister.
So since my KY Sista is not able to be here this spring,
this blog is for you.
I have been preparing and practicing postings for way too long.
It is time to stop practicing and tell someone to read this.
I will leave TX Quilt Country Living blog to go email my KY Sis now.