Mom’s Sewing Box


Yes, this is a “tools” box. It is a metal, heavy duty tool box with a sturdy clasp.IMG_1019

Even the sound of that clasp is nostalgic for me. This is Mom’s sewing box. Continue reading

Quilt in a Cup

It’s a cup. It’s a clear plastic cup. It has a straw. It is colorful.  It is full of fabric!IMG_0887 IMG_0888

What a FUN gift from KY Sis. It has been ‘decor’ in the studio long enough. Time has come to decide what design to piece. What do you think you would do with these colors?  The cuts are fat quarters.

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Lynn Bynum visit after her 2014 back surgery

What a fun visit with Lynn and Montana Sis, Jan!

It is always good to visit Lynn, but it was especially good to see her today.

Recovery from back surgery will keep Lynn from racing around for awhile, but no one will put-any-money-on how long. ANYone who knows Lynn…..

Here we are – Judy, Montana Sis, Jan, Lynn and Peggy.


Lynn, this photo is for you. I even brought my computer today to show you these pics of eleven month old Brennen….now you can see him in the blog. Continue reading