August Extra Quilting Days – week 1

Texas can be hot in August and week one of 2014 has become HOT! Fine time to call for EXTRA quilting days!

Patti gathered her gear and set up at Judy’s for two days of piecing. These girls are busy and camera took a quick shot.


 Cindy is singing a Christmas carol while working on Christmas wool block.


Sherry brought Peyton and Cameron to join the day with JSSers. Patti’s quilts for her grandsons are especially FUN with all the different “lions and tigers and bears – woo who…” in the jars. Well, maybe there were not any tigers.


Cameron had his time at the sewing machine too!



Peyton is working on her Chevron quilt top.



Linda J, Lynn and Judy worked on JSS Christmas blocks and of course, I cannot show Y’ll those. That would ruin the December surprise reveal!


There are sometimes so many distractions from piecing – like writing your name with pins, or making an obstacle course with flag pins….


Looking at this photo you might think there was another reason for being distracted, but Patti had purpose to bring this big jug! Doesn’t every quilter mix vodka in their spritzer at the ironing board? My formula is one fourth cup vodka with two cups water and four to five drops of lavender. Is your formula the same? I know mine works and I thank Patti for replenishing my supply from this jug.

Lynn worked on more JSS Christmas blocks, day two, so she has no blocks in her hands. Patti is showing some beautiful blocks she recently pieced to increase her practicing accuracy. Fine work! Linda J’s star block of the month will be radiant with all the bright colors!


Linda J brought her WONDERFUL quilt she had worked on at one of the JSS retreats. Maddye was hand piecing a block and I forgot to snap a photo. She really did stitch. 🙂


You have to see Linda’s quilt closer. Linda’s hand embroidery is precise. Her appliqué stitching adds texture to the sweet treats. And the cake stand has lace embellishment. Thanks SO much for sharing! Can’t wait to see this one quilted!!!



For the last photo of week one, you can see the progress Peyton made on adding more rows to her Chevron. And Patti is sewing her rows together! All in all we had a productive two days of quilting!!! See Y’ll next week!


6 thoughts on “August Extra Quilting Days – week 1

  1. Looks like a fun activity to do on hot days. I want to see all those Christmas blocks hinted at! Thanks for sharing your stitch times!!!

  2. Such wonderful happy smiles and lovely quilted blocks and quilts!!! Looks like you’all had a great time!!!

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