July 2014, Summertime in the kitchen

Anyone else remember this type of pitcher? It speaks ‘summertime’ to me. 🙂IMG_2286


Yes, I really do brighten my kitchen with yellow and blue for summertime.

IMG_2269 IMG_2271

 These sweet hand painted pieces are on the window sill.


 The table runner graces the counter behind the sink with daisies from the garden.


Several years ago my precious friend Betty gave me daisies from her yard. They have grown and multiplied and each one smiles blessings at me!



The aprons are such HAPPY colors!


And there are two other complementary fabric runners in the summer kitchen.

IMG_2276 IMG_2277


The center of the kitchen has the yellow retro drop-leaf table. This photo shows it with the table runner, but then I changed it to the ‘checkers tablecloth.’




Yes, I do like summertime sunshine and want to bring it into the kitchen with happy colors, smiling flowers, vintage fabrics, and nostalgic pitchers.


I hope All Y’ll are in the midst of a happy, blessed 2014 summertime!

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