Pam was SURPRISED at June, 2014 bee

June, 2014 JSS bee meeting’s hostess was Davene and by her request JSSer’s wore WHITE. Well, some of us wore WHITE. Pam, the lady in pink, has built her new home in Alaska and has begun the latest ‘bee branch’ of JSS in the state of Alaska. And she just flew in from Alaska day before bee day. Pam does look radiant in her pink though, no jet lag for her!

Suz had the joy of beginning the SURPRISE JSSers had for colorful Pam. Suz’s paragraph began with some lines about this cute little box.IMG_2090

Pam was very attentive.


How I wish we had video.  WHAT A HOOT!!!


The word SURPRISE is such an understatement!!!


And if we ever do a surprise again, Davene has to hold the box!  If she opened and closed the box that held the surprise blocks once, she did it again and again! It’s ok if Pam cried.  And of course Sue was crying. In attempt to keep ALL of us from crying, Davene kept us laughing, laughing, LAUGHING!!!

See the stack of bears paw blocks in Pam’s lap!  She was very happy – even though she was crying!  We were all very happy even though we joined Sue with the crying.IMG_2094

And yes, most definitely Pam was surprised!

1 thought on “Pam was SURPRISED at June, 2014 bee

  1. How really sweet!! Pam is such a dear lady and I know she will love Alaska — this time of the year is THE time there — enjoy it, Pam!! Thanks, Judy, for sharing for those of us not there in person!!

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