June 2014 JSSer’s at Davene’s


JSSer’s dressed in WHITE, brought WHITE food and gathered at Davene’s for a memorable day of fun, creativity and inspiration!


Creativity begins at the front door! The door is not WHITE. The door is not black. Amazingly for Davene, the door is not blue. Some JSSer’s turned in their ballot that the door should stay just like it is. Davene was thinking she would paint it. Your vote?


IMG_2125 - Version 2


Davene does love blue and white as you will see in most every photo.




Through these doors is Davene’s studio.


The dining room has so much to see!

IMG_2058 IMG_2059

This is the view of the dining room from the living room.


Davene did take opportunity to help us tour her fabulous home. How many JSSers do you think will fit into Davene’s laundry room? And the reason we were all crammed in there will keep your curiosity peeked until you can go visit, because I failed to take a pic!  🙂


But here are a few more photos of various vignettes.

IMG_2060 IMG_2064 IMG_2080 IMG_2123 IMG_2124

And there is more…


Coolest bathroom faucet!


“Doorknob” on pantry screen door.

Here is the link to more detail of this pantry door. You guessed it. It is BLUE!

The Blue Pantry Door


Beside the kitchen sink.

IMG_2073 IMG_2074

And here are a few parting shots of Davene’s creativity in her studio.

IMG_2113 IMG_2115 IMG_2117

And for one last look of all of us in WHITE. Here we are – All (well – almost all) in white!


Dear Davene, I cannot thank you enough for opening your home and your heart to JSSer’s. Your creativity is amazing! Your are such an inspiration!!!



6 thoughts on “June 2014 JSSer’s at Davene’s

  1. Judy, thanks for the house tour! I agree with Kay (I think) that Davene’s house so perfectly reflects her personality. Love it! And LOVE the sewing room! Such organization!

  2. Judy, love the home tour — wow what a wonderfully creative space Davene has created!! Thank you Davene, for sharing with those of us far and wide too!!n Love all the blue and white — and oh! that studio space – such organization! Davene, wanna’ make a trip to NC for some serious work! 🙂

  3. Judy,

    Thanks for the wonderful tour of Davene’s new home. It suits her so well with all her beautiful collections. And loved seeing all the quilts, whites….and will look forward to being back for July! The blogs have been great……almost like being there!!!

  4. I got to be there and I STILL enjoyed this tour of Devene’s house.
    I vote to leave the door as is!
    Fun, wonderful day.

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