JSSer’s go WHITE for June, 2014 Bee!

JSS June, 2014 was at Davene’s house and she chose the color WHITE!


It is hard to make a blog text WHITE. Blue? We all know Davene will be happy with blue!

IMG_2125 - Version 2

But then we all know that Davene is another word for HAPPY!

JSSer’s dressed in WHITE, brought WHITE food and gathered at Davene’s for a memorable day of fun, creativity and inspiration!

Suz, Madelyn, Lynn and Pixie were in the kitchen area. Pixie has known Davene since grade school! O the stories these two have to tell!!!


Yes, we brought all WHITE food. Davene chose a red tablecloth to contrast all that WHITE.


You have to see the light fixture that is just above Davene’s head.


What would you bring to JSS if you had to make/mix/keep-with-the-theme of WHITE?

Yogurt covered pretzels?


White chile?


Cucumber sandwiches?



Yes, we all (well, almost all) wore white. And the food was – almost all white – potato salad, pasta salad, couscous with cauliflower, more cauliflower, cucumber sandwiches, white-meat-fried-chicken, white gravy, white chile, pop corn, crackers and cupcakes with at least an inch of white icing! No one did mashed potatoes! As always it was YUMMY!!!

JSSer’s in WHITE were o-so-comfy stitching and catching up with one another!

IMG_2102 IMG_2101

These two group photos really make me laugh! What’s up with all the straight faces!  There was SO MUCH laughter I can hardly believe I have these photos! It is hard to think of JSSer’s without fun and laughter and to have these photos is TOO funny!

You have seen all the ladies in WHITE. Did you notice the statement “almost all” were in WHITE? Any guesses on who did not go-with-the-theme?


Um, see why I said “almost-all” wore WHITE…..shall we give her the jet-lag excuse since Pam flew in from Alaska the day before bee? (More about Pam, next blog.)

As added fun to June bee meeting and as not to interrupt keeping-with-the-WHITE theme, some of us wore charm bracelets. IMG_2122

The week prior to this JSS bee meeting was the TVQG guild meeting and we had lunch together. There was a discussion about charm bracelets, so we decided we would add bracelets to what we could wear at the all-WHITE-day at Davene’s. Several us wore our charm bracelets from high school. Some were from travels with husband and family.  Three of us had San Francisco cable car charms. Some had mother’s or grandmother’s charm bracelets. One of us had a pocket knife on her charm bracelet.

Who do you think that was? Choose from these.


There is one more JSSer who wore WHITE to celebrate with us.


JSSer’s are THE BEST! You can never be sure what they are “up to.”  Even if they have been hospitalized this week. Even if they are in pain. Even if they have to stay home from bee. Participation is a matter of perspective!  And LaNelle always manages to stretch our definition of perspective!  LaNelle, we hooted and hollered over this! Thank you SO MUCH for adding to the fun, creativity and inspiration!

Stay tuned for next blog about this June JSS bee meeting.


9 thoughts on “JSSer’s go WHITE for June, 2014 Bee!

  1. Too fun and great photos of everyone and everything! Sorry I missed it but am enjoying time with Jen in VA and we just finished painting her kitchen yellow! LaNelle you took the prize for the white day…..get well!!!

  2. Really fun to see all the white! How ’bout adding red and blue for July?! Loved seeing all the white stuff and especially the charm bracelets – I love wearing mine!!! Looked like you were having so much fun — now to see the show and tell quilts???? Have a super holiday y’all – we’re getting ready for all eight to arrive for a week for the 4th celebration!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the White Bee Day! Love all the white food, white outfits and charm bracelets! And I’m so impressed at how fast you got this blog out! It usually takes me weeks and then the details are all a bit fuzzy!

    • Cookie, after having just posted April & May blogs in June, I am very determined to not push the June bee into July….hee hee. Happy travels to Y’ll!
      Another blog to come mentions some of our JSS “fuzziness.” 🙂

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