JSS April 2014 Compass Retreat (Yes, I know it is June.)

Yes, I really do know it is June, but I found some more April photos I need to blog! In years to come I certainly would not want to look back on 2014 and have no record of a JSS Retreat! They are THE BEST!!! In SO, SO MANY WAYS!

Each retreat is special for various reasons, but one reason this retreat was noteworthy is because  a special friend attended with us. Some of us absolutely cannot wait for the JSS retreat and have a hard time ‘splainin’ why it is so special. Maybe because it cannot be ‘splained,’ it makes others wonder about us and what goes on! But this special friend finally succumbed to requests and attended!

D, we LOVED having you with us! Here are three quilters that share special friendship! Madelyn Norville, D Starnes and Judy Linn.


Melissa had invited and invited D to come to Compass Centre and this was THE year!  Melissa wanted D’s ‘input’ for the planning of the memorial garden in the ‘backyard.’ I did not take photos of all of us together outside! I will use the excuse of the 300 mph winds that day! But here are a few shots taken later. Have to have ‘before’ photos.




















In addition to these outside creative efforts as always there was SO much going on inside.  Here were a few of Suz’s efforts. Opps, sorry Suz, caught the eyes closed, but the quilt is too cool not to post.


Here were Suz’s fun spools blocks from 2013 Christmas party.


Here was another shot to give you perspective of size with one of our YUMMY desserts. 🙂


Here were some fun blocks with some fun fabrics in Patti’s trees quilt.

















These blocks were traded in another bee to be added to many more to make this fun quilt!


It is SO fabulous to have Lani back in Texas! Wait, she has come to Texas for retreat many times, but the fabulous part is that she is a resident of Texas again!!! Our gain! Here was a Lani creation in progress. See the skyscrapers!



Lani did live in NYC and while there made this quilt from blocks from her NYC bee.


Here is a close-up of one of the blocks.IMG_1346

Someday maybe Lani will take time to devote a whole blog to this quilt showing us block by block. Not only are the blocks fun, but the layout is SO Lani!  GREAT quilt!

Lani was still taking photos, but moving back to the states has consumed any blogging time.


See these fun blocks Sue was rearranging.


JSSers remember these tiny little blocks from a long-time-ago trade? KY quilters, remember these? Yes, they must be multiply-ing in the closet!


Leave it to Sue to rescue these blocks! And the morning of departure, Sue added the borders and Karen sent me this photo. Waa-lah – another GREAT quilt!


Karen is always ready to help whether adding the last borders, photographing progress, or making waffles! Thanks, Karen!

IMG_1360 And now rather than rattle off excuses why I do not have more retreat photos I will show these last two photos of Blogger Barb. She is SO colorFUL!


And she took blogging this retreat VERY seriously.  After this photo I will share the links to many MORE retreat photos. You may want to make yourself a cup of tea, settle into your chair with your iPad. Or pour a glass of wine and sit wherever you want. Enjoy!


Thanks again, Barb, SO much! Since I was delayed arriving to retreat, Barb did FABULOUS tours of the design walls and giving us updates of Retreat happenings!


That is the link to April 7. Be sure and check the other posts of the other retreat days!

AND as Barb mentions go to Cookie’s blog!


These blogs are WAY FUN!!!!

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