Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and the Floyd Grands

Bluebonnets in-my-very-own field was the setting of another photo shoot with more Grands – this time the Floyd Grands. Let’s see if this Gramma can sift through too many photos to share and choose some to retell the fun of the day. The blog’s date is the end of May, but this Texas blogger is still wanting to claim a little more Spring before the summer Texas heat is upon us. April 7 is the actual date of these photos. Daddy had taken Mom of these three Grands out to lunch for her birthday so we played in the field.  IMG_1173

The wagon was loaded with a few props – some Grands used props, some did not.  🙂

Peyton and Gramma played with props.

IMG_1196IMG_1201 IMG_1209IMG_1188

 Cameron took Poppy for a wagon ride.

IMG_1227 IMG_1225 IMG_1224 IMG_1223

And what do you think Cameron found by the barn that he could not wait to give Gramma! 



Yes, this is the way to melt a Gramma’s heart!

IMG_1189 IMG_1190

 There was more to do at the barn. Examine rolly-polly route in the bark of the tree.

IMG_1280 IMG_1281










Climb the ladder…



And Pop Pop came out to the field to mark the bluebonnets with white stakes. 

IMG_1286 IMG_1289









Then Pop Pop came up with the idea of pulling the wagon with the riding mower. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Cameron agreed.  Peyton climbed on board.



Poppy? NOT-so-much….

IMG_1246 IMG_1248









Miss Poppy did not want any part of the ride and went back to the trike when the mower and wagon were a looooong way away…..


 So after a couple laps around the field with just Cameron and Peyton riding and waving to Poppy, she still wanted no part of the wagon ride. The mower was parked and other pictures were taken.

 While we were not paying too much attention to the mower, she climbed on- toddler style!


IMG_1272 IMG_1273










Pop Pop returned to the mower but Poppy was not interested in a safer seat in Pop Pop’s lap, so this was not the day to turn on the engine again.  There will be another day.


IMG_1268 IMG_1269This day in the field was very special as is! 








Threeeeeeeee!  That’s a wrap!

IMG_1142 - Version 2


7 thoughts on “Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and the Floyd Grands

  1. What fun in the field of the Texas bluebonnets. Wow, this is an awesome “grand” shoot.
    So looking forward to more photo shoots and props. Where were the quilts. Tee hee. Couldn’t resist. Love, love.

  2. Such fun, Judy! How lucky you are to have a day to shot and play with three beautiful grands! Thanks for sharing!

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