Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and Linn Grands

Bluebonnets are still in focus in many of the photo files even though the plants have actually gone to seed. AND there are a few more Grands to be seen on the blog. This has been so fun to share these photo sessions with Y’ll – a little bit of reliving the day and a lot of recording for the Grands to have this forever. The final photo is of ALL the Grands.

Lydia is the oldest Grand. IMG_1128

Brennen is the youngest. The Fam celebrated his FIRST birthday in April.


 There was eating of the cake. And playing in the field.

IMG_0436Chloe is next oldest Grand.


 Christian is next.


Here is Ava’s sweet smile.


 Sometimes others were included in a photo op. Sometimes there were few bluebonnets.


 Sometimes there were more bluebonnets.


Gabe has more sweet smiles. 


 Mia is the youngest of Jamie and Julianne.


 Mia is happy to pull. And Mia is happy to ride.
















Both Mia and Poppy are happy to ride. Gramma pulled. Jamie pulled.

IMG_1585 IMG_0435

 The Birthday boy did take a ride too – on the saddle. 

IMG_1525 IMG_1526

Then it was time for a drink for Mr. Brennen and a FULL photo op of ALL the GRANDS!



2 thoughts on “Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and Linn Grands

  1. Beautiful pictures of you’all among the Bluebonnets! So many happy smiles! Precious scenes in Texas!!!

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