May 2014 JSSer’s meet at Lake Kiowa


The “PARTY” flag is flying at Karen and Jim Thompson’s Lake Kiowa lake house!

 JSSers drove to a mini-day-retreat just north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

Here was the morning view from the back porch.


Walk the brick path to the dock and here was the lake view.


Turn around and this was the house looking from the dock.


Activities included tour by golf cart.  Karen drove Lynn, Patti and Judy.


And tour by boat with Pilot Jim.


Judy, Karen and Madelyn enjoyed the wind-blown-look!


JSSers gathered on the back porch all day long. Weather was perfect!


Gretchen and Gloria agreed. Yes, “sitting” is a lake-house-activity.


Dede, Patti, Lynn and Judy joined Karen, Jim and Gloria to spend the night Wednesday before JSS Thursday arrivals.  Dede was at dining room table sewing in the morning sun.


Karen and Lynn made food prep in kitchen.


Show ‘n tell began on the dock because Dede had to zip back to town to go to work. ColorFULL fabrics and great handle will inspire Dede’s students in her basket classes.


Show ‘n tell continued on the back porch with Suz’s flying geese.


Lynn’s “Road to somewhere” was ready to be mailed as a gift to that somewhar.


Lynda added to this since retreat. Davene always adds smiles to our days!


Lynda, sorry for capturing you mid-sentence, but this fabric was worth the photo.


Who knew Davene likes BLUE!  🙂


Here is another beautiFULL smile from Davene.  Someone is gonna have to make a comment ’cause I cannot remember who brought these value-finder-glasses for show ‘n tell. I was in lake-house-low-gear.  That’s my excuse and….(u know the tune…)


Davene has been shopping ebay and found these embroidered blocks.


LaNelle was hiding behind her MASTERPIECE!  At the March Bee meeting it was almost done, but was a topic for consultation.  Didn’t WE do GOOD!


Patti finished binding her tree-trade-quilt.


There will be more show ‘n tell when Cookie publishes her blog.  So stay tuned.


Karen was here at the front door with Vicki, LaNelle, Madelyn and Judy.  As we toured by golf cart and boat we were reminded that the “front” of a lake house may be what is viewed from the lake.  The “back” of a lake house may be what is viewed when from the drive-by. So here we are at the front door, but if no one answers, walk around to the back!

That is where the “activity” is and remember to shift into “low gear.”


Even the flags took a break from the winds of life and were calm at times!


It was a lovely relaxing day and all too soon it was time to return home.

Cookie, Sally, Lynda, Linda and Suz were departing to shop-their-way-home.


Here is one departing photo. Judy was photographing Cookie photographing.

Nothing like a JSS BEE!!!


HUGE THANK YOU from these JSSers to Karen and Jim for a delightFUL retreat!

12 thoughts on “May 2014 JSSer’s meet at Lake Kiowa

  1. What fun. Love the water and boat ride by Captain Jim and of course, the whole quilt show!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. So sorry I missed you all this time but we are enjoying London!!! So happy to see pictures of your wonderful day with Karen and can’t wait to get my personal tour of all things at the lake!

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! How I miss you’all!!! What great pictures of happy faces, beautiful quilts and fun projects!!! Thank you tons Judy for these great thoughts of you’all!!!

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