Starting at the Finish with Country Threads – April 2014


In January 2014 the decision was made to join the Country Threads UFO Game. It is already April, the beginning of the second quarter of the year. Here is a bit of review:

“Participants make a numbered list of twelve UFO’s. This is all on the ‘honor system’ and you monitor yourself. At the beginning of each month the number is posted on the blog. You match the number with the number on your UFO list. You finish that project, photograph it and send photo to Country Threads before the end of the month. The quilts/and/or projects are posted on Pinterest. Every three months Country Threads will draw a name for a $50 gift certificate. At the end of the year they draw a name for a $100 gift certificate.”

Check out Country Threads’ Pinterest to see all UFOs that — no longer categorized as such!

So far I have “kept up” and posted at least one UFO to Country Threads per month. This has worked out to be a great motivator for me. I have finished more than just one UFO per month and as usual, the discovery is repeated. It REALLY does not take that much time, effort, etc to change a project from unfinished to finished or at least take a project one step closer to completion. And as an added bonus, I played a game with me, myself and I (come on, we all do that….right? Humor me!) that if I finished a UFO, I could start a NEW project. Yikes! The result is another UFO!

One month I challenged myself, that IF I were going to play that game with me, myself and I that I HAD to not only take the numbered UFO to the quilter, but I had to take the new UFO to the quilter! (Whew!  Made for some busy days in the studio and I loved it!)

Back to the signature blocks….The UFO began with these signature blocks on the ironing board. Last year when the quilt studio had a major “makeover” these signature blocks “surfaced” in all the packing, repacking and rearranging. O dear, these are signature blocks to go in the wedding quilt that was pieced, quilted, finished and given several years ago. Time to retrieve the quilt, check to make sure these are not dupes and add them to the quilt.

Looking at the back of the quilt, spaces can be seen where additional signature blocks will fit. The additions are sideways in the area.


The appliquéd block worked well into the larger space and a few others fit elsewhere. Even though the quilt was already machine quilted by a long-arm machine, I hand quilted the same design. Close examination will tell the difference, but the overall effect turned out just fine.


Here are a few more photos of the quilt back.

Dan & Candice are the smiling groom and bride!



Here is a photo of the front of the quilt. It is hard to believe that was five years ago!






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