Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and Lydia

The landscapes of Texas in just a few short weeks change with the colors of Spring.

April can be so very BLUE and green is coming.

Here is a March photo of the beginning of color

with the in-our-very-own-field of BLUEbonnets.


The “blue” becomes BLUE-er and even a blue-purple.


In March we had a “photo shoot” with youngest grandchild Brennen.


Notice how the leaves on the trees in April are now more full. How fun for this Gramma to have another photo shoot with oldest grandchild, Lydia.


IMG_1118 IMG_1114


Here is one last photo. Not only was it such a refreshing day to be outside in God’s Spring creations, but sharing the joy with this creative granddaughter made for a blessed day!




4 thoughts on “Texas Spring 2014 – Bluebonnets and Lydia

  1. Judy, you are such a blessing to your family with your photographic talents! Lydia is lovely and she will cherish these pictures over the years!!!

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