Bluebonnets 2014 in bloom plus Brennen!



 As you may have noticed the blog photo header changed from barn to the bluebonnets!  Please note that there is ASTONISHMENT in the voice inflection here when saying,

IN bloom!!!!

This is in the field in front of our home. I know, I know bluebonnets are abundant in the spring along Texas highways and byways, but for some of us who have planted bluebonnet seeds year after year with few results, it is a BIG deal to have blooms!


Sometimes I have to be happy with the not-so-real display.  

IMG_0907 This year I am happy to take a walk and go see these beautiful blooms!


Others may tee-hee at our excitement over our meager blooms, but these really do make us very happy!


I’ll be quiet and let you enjoy them.

IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1072 IMG_1071

IMG_1070 IMG_1077 IMG_1068


Ok, I canNOT be quiet any longer.  You HAVE to see these photos!  

Brennen and bluebonnets!  Makes Gramma happy!!!



5 thoughts on “Bluebonnets 2014 in bloom plus Brennen!

  1. I’m SO jealous! We have planted them for years as well, with no results. Now you have the Bluebonnets with a grandchild in the pic on top of that. Your pictures are fabulous. I’ll have to come over and see for myself. To heck with going to Ennis and the Bluebonnet Trail this year. We are coming to the Linn estate.

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