March 2014 JSS Bee meeting at Madelyn’s – part 2

Just Say Sew Bee meeting is NOT to be missed! Let’s move right into show ‘n tell!

First of all – “Welcome HOME, Lani!”

Lani is no longer an out-of-towner, no longer an out-of-the-country JSSer!!! Lani has a TEXAS address. NYC memories are commemorated in this fabulous quilt.


The Lyric is where they resided. The center of the quilt is Central Park.  If Lani can take a break from remodeling the house, maybe someday she will blog the story of this quilt.


Lani’s new address is in FW, Texas. After the March Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild meeting JSSer’s stopped by the new place. Otto & Lani were busy with contractors and all that goes into a remodel, but we toured and then were able to have Lani join us for lunch.



On with show ‘n tell….Davene brought her Rail Fence Patriotic quilt.


Davene also made this lovely sewing machine cover. Unfortunately the blur does not show the detail of all her work. The blur does show a ‘little’ of Davene’s enthusiasm!  (Hopefully one of the other JSS bloggers will post an in-focus shot and I can add a link.)


Hostess Madelyn, Gretchen and Julianna are enjoying show ‘n tell.


Cookie has camera in hand. Pat has quilt in hand and I missed the photo op to shoot that one.  Maybe Cookie has it on her camera. Kay has a wonderful show ‘n tell!


Nancy and Davene are solving great problems, for sure!


This is Kay’s show ‘n tell and it is SO much about the “tell.” The top was done by someone we do not know, but the family (Mrs. Probasco’s grandmother’s quilt top) wanted the top to be passed along to someone who would care for it. Suz brought this top and several others to a past JSS meeting and Kay laid claim to this one. Now the story, as many quilt stories go, has it that this quilt top has laid claim to a part of Kay’s heart. Her “tell” of this journey with this quilt top is precious and the top truly was passed to someone who would care for it! Thanks for sharing, Kay!

IMG_1988This quilt was pieced by another someone we do not know, but we do know the quilter. Mona quilted it and it is beautiful! Again, I am sorry for the blurry view. Catching these quilts at just the right moment is not that easy when the crowd looking at the back of the quilt is cheering to see the front. Yes, we were sitting in a circle.

More happy faces – Gloria, Barb, Karen,

Kay, Mona & Linda

Shirley & Gloria.


Nancy & Cookie took the March workshop at Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild with Frieda Anderson on “Dying Fabric.” What a great array of fabrics resulted!


Sally has an UPDATE on her Judy Niemeyer table runner. Jules taught the class at the Spring 2013 retreat. Sally came home, completed the piecing and quilted it herself.


The table runner was gracing her table and one day Sally took a quick-glance and the table runner held a surprise for her. One of the pieces had jumped to the other side of the oval. And here we have another quilt story…..


Dede finished quilting on her new Handi Quilter machine this lovely gradation!


Suz showed her outstanding tree quilt which was quilted by Mona. You can go to Mona’s Facebook page “Mona’s Quilting Studio” to see the meticulous quilting on these trees.


Karen showed this lovely setting of blocks.


Peggy finished this quilt that was pieced by Karen. The outside border is the fabric that Peggy put in her brown bag. Karen actually pieced the quilt at a JSS retreat not telling anyone her plan to add the border and ‘gift’ this quilt. Peggy even made comments at retreat how much she liked it, not knowing it would be hers! This quilt has a story!


Peggy showed one of her quilts made with civil war fabrics. Love the tiny triangles and the cross hatch quilting is stunning! Peggy also made this Paper Doll quilt for one of her granddaughters. The back has pockets and the cut-out-fabric clothes are stored there until time to play paper dolls. (The blur is again associated with Davene as she wanted to steal this away from Peggy!)

IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1982

Sue finished the repairs of this quilt that had holes and more holes, let alone the challenge of the binding. LaNelle was able to supply vintage fabrics to complement the period of the quilt. Sue questioned whether to leave the edges with the cut-off-blocks. And notice the corners! How many turns were there on that binding! All in all Sue did FABULOUS and the story of this quilt will continue!


To say there was a lot going on at this JSS gathering is such an understatement. I did take show ‘n tell and do not have pics. Jules and Pam had pics on iPad and phones of their latest works-in-progress. Can’t wait to see those!

Sue also completed this quilt top. If I remember this correctly, at first it stopped at the red border, but Sue decided to make it bigger. Nice addition! This top went home with Dede.  Can’t wait to see it after Dede quilts it!


LaNelle has this INCREDIBLE PIECING EFFORT from another Judy Niemeyer class.  It is so AMAZING and we can’t wait to see what decisions, steps and finishing techniques will follow to add to this quilt’s story!


You know, of course, that JSSers had a delicious lunch that day too. Just have to show one of the lovely dessert plates Madelyn has from her Dad’s side of the family. Some of us ate in the dining room.


Spring is celebrated in these last two photos. Sally has her bunny block ready for Appliqué Society next week. It is wool and Sally hand stitched around each piece. Beautiful!

IMG_1971Cookie also has a bunny to take to Appliqué Society. Love the pink and brown!


It’s the end of March and finally the beginning of Spring!  Happy Spring to All Y’ll!

4 thoughts on “March 2014 JSS Bee meeting at Madelyn’s – part 2

  1. Such a talented group of ladies and so productive. Thanks, thanks, thanks Judy for sharing. Great to see Lani back home. Great photos! The quilts are all spectacular!

  2. The quilts are all wonderful! It is great to see so many done – and spectacularly quilted! Thanks so much, Judy, for sending these out – fun to have a show and tell at home!
    Happy Spring is right – finally some warm weather – yippee!

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