Texas Bluebonnets 2014 and Stars Quilt and Brennen

While thinking spring it is a good time to document

a quilt that is annually displayed on the couch, or on the porch or in the field.


There are a variety of stars surrounded by the bluebonnet fabric.

IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0935

IMG_0936 IMG_0937 IMG_0938

Along with the straight line hand quilting, there are “stipple” stitches.


Rather than attempt another photo inside, I walked to the field trying to decide where to prop the quilt on this windy sunny day. How fun for this Gramma to find a photo shoot already in progress. David has a new camera, so Dan armed himself with his. ¬†Brennen has his wagon – and Gramma has the quilt – THAT’S a photo setting!


IMG_0943And Emma, the cat was slinking around the site too.


The back of the quilt is a Lone Star Flag.


Eleven month old Brennen is wanting to know how wheels work!




Are those the BLUEest eyes!!!

And one last photo of Dad and Brennen…


4 thoughts on “Texas Bluebonnets 2014 and Stars Quilt and Brennen

  1. Adorable Brennan – I met him when he was first born! Wow – what a change!!! He’s is a charmer – and the quilt is gorgeous too!!! Love the red, white and blue!

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