KY Empty Bobbins Bee meeting Mar 2014

KY Quilters in the Empty Bobbins Bee met today at KY Sis’ home for a day together. Chilly weather did not deter them from gathering. TX Sis is grateful KY Sis has a phone to take photos to text show ‘n tell across the miles! To begin Arline has great poppy fabric.


KY Sis, Phyl has her Chevron Challenge. No rules, just a challenge to one another.

IMG_0818Aren’t these fabrics perfect for this design! TX Sis thinks so!


New Empty Bobbin friend, Naewanna did an awesome job on this quilt!




From front to back, Jane, Phyllis, Charelle – looking so very productive!


What do you think they are discussing??? Kitty and Naewanna share the same sweet grand boys!


Phyllis wanted to join in the show ‘n tell. KY Sis (also Phyllis) was the only one that recognized the quilt. It was hers! No one “caught on” but her.  A GOOD LAUGH!


Jackie is finishing up a ufo – a motorcycle quilt for a friend.


Linda shared her speedy talent of doing more than anyone else.


Arline and Linda are catching up with Judy from her time in Florida. She was just home the previous night and she made it to bee for quilting fun!


Last but not least, KY Sis will have to comment to explain this.  To quote her text: “Arlene had a drawing from her sewing room. I won. It’s a scrubbie.”

Does that mean like a scrubbie to wash dishes?  Looks too pretty for that.


“Hi and Hello”  from Texas to Kentucky!!! I really did stitch here to pretend like I was joining you. Next blog I will share photos of a vintage quilt purchased at the Dallas Quilt Show.  t just needed a few minor repairs.  

Miss Y’ll!!! Love, TX Sis

2 thoughts on “KY Empty Bobbins Bee meeting Mar 2014

  1. What fun across the miles!!!! Love the poppy fabric and the chevron fabric too – well, heck! I loved it it all – what’s not great about show n’ tell!? Lucky you to have each other too!!

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