TXQuilt Quilt Collection and TXQuilt Portfolio notebooks

February 7, 2014 there was a post that included

(Beware-really honest confession photo next.)


This was the paperwork explosion that overtook a table 

and spilled to the floor.

The info for quilt labels is here someWHAR!

That evening in February was the beginning of a couple day project to pull

receipts from quilt shops,

records of who quilted what quilt,

entry forms from quilt shows, etc.

and file in notebooks.

In all these archives is necessary info for quilt labels.

Here is the update:

IMG_0341 IMG_0342


The stack of quilts that are not labeled will soon be identified.

Speaking of labels, here is a photo taken last week at the Sue Spargo workshop.

Is this label not precious!


Here is the quilt:

IMG_0590 IMG_0591

Something colorful and beautiful had to be added to this post

besides white notebooks!

Check out more of Sue’s work:


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