Starting at the Finish with Country Thread – February 2014

As February rides into the sunset on this last day of the month so do Roy Rogers and Trigger. To continue the UFO Game with Country Threads quilt shop in Garner, Iowa


This 35″ x 49″ plaid and print quilt is done – even labeled!


If you have read other posts you may recognize this quilt when the straight line machine quilting was being done.


The alternate blocks between the Roy Rogers and Trigger print are “raggedy.” The plaids and darker fabrics are flannels or brushed cottons which will fray to make a fantastic fluffy edge when threads are pulled and opposite threads are left to fuzz away in the washer. Here they are all nice and neat after quilting, but before washing.

IMG_0331 IMG_0332

The binding is next. Who will help me?


TX Cat Miss Pumpkin usually hides when the grands come for a visit, but she stayed close by when Miss Poppy was here to help me with the binding!


Poppy was very attentive to the quilt clips, but also kept her eye on TX Cat. Twenty-one month old Miss Poppy is alert after all the warnings that cats sometimes bite and scratch.


Are those the cutest ringlets and pony tail!  Gramma thinks so!!!

IMG_0320 IMG_0322

Once the binding was done, the quilt by itself was washed in the washing machine. “By itself” is to clarify if you try this technique, do not add any regular laundry with this load.  Whatever else in the load would be covered with threads! Here is the messy mess after the wash.IMG_0333 IMG_0334

If you have not seen this ‘technique’ before, believe me, messy is an understatement. The quilt is shown here on the banister OUTside where fabrics could be snipped, trimmed, cut, untangled, combed, brushed, snipped, trimmed, cut, untangled, combed, brushed block after block. Fortunately it was a windy day so the threads flew and hopefully birds will find them and add to a cozy nest. This cozy nest of raveled threads is a chore, but worth it!IMG_0335

Air drying is best. It could go in the dryer, but that was not the choice on this beautiful sunny day. Here are more of the raggedy blocks.

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0542

Here is a photo of the full, flat and FINISHED quilt!


Sorry, there is nothing in the picture to give size perspective. It is 35″ x 49″. The size needs to be added to the label. If you noticed on the label, it says Roy Rogers and Trigger 1. There is a 2. There were enough blocks to make a twin sized but it was decided to make two instead of one.The label for 2 is already done but the blocks need the threads pulled. That will be another UFO for another month.

Don’t forget to go to Country Threads’ Pinterest page to see MANY quilts that graduated from being unfinished in February. You are in for a treat of a fabulous variety of eye-candy!

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