Quilting Across the Miles (Part 2)


Meanwhile, back in KY temps are cold, snow is on the ground and KY Sis is in her studio.


The view to the left is snow.


The view to the right is ironing.  The view in the middle…


Does the view in the middle make the fabric look fat? Hee Hee!


TX Sis took a break and fixed a green shake for lunch. KY Sis invited Rachel to the studio. She is showing putting the canned cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron.  Little yummy waffles!

OK, back to stitching.

IMG_0224 - Version 2Mr. KY Top Hat Snowman is ready to stitch.  Jackie gave KY Sis and the Empty Bobbins quilt bee these blocks to do for the reveal in December.  That’s December, 2014, eleven months away!  So progress cannot be revealed yet.

(Sorry for the blurry photo, had to zoom so as not to reveal results.)

TX Sis just needs to sew one seam and the back will be done to send a quilt off to be quilted.  Purrfect! Can do! That reveal will be later too.

Back to the cats.


TX Cat Miss Pumpkin is wrestling the Ferocious Feather duster!


Sometimes KY Cat Miss Mia likes to sit in the basket of batting.

“Does this batting make my fur look fat?”

Back to the studio.

TX Sis shared new-found-design-area in studio:IMG_0262

A piece of fabric was draped over the door. Blocks are pinned in place. More design space is always needed! Ky Sis replied, “I have three doors.  Can finally put them to good use. Love it.”


KY Sis has transformed Mr. KY Handsome Santa from a UFO to:

IMG_0289 - Version 2

a bordered quilt top ready for the quilting!

TX Sis responded, “LOVE Mr. Handsome Santa!  Now take him OUTside and throw him over the fence IN the snow for the blog photo shoot! Ha – ha ha ha!”

KY Sis responded, “NOT!”

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