Quilting Across the Miles (Part 1)


Quilt is under the presser foot. Meet you at your machine at 8 am. That would be KY 9 am.  And that’s how TX Sis and KY Sis set the plan to meet the next morning to

quilt across-the-miles.


TX Cat Miss Pumpkin is wide awake and in the studio by 8 am.


The light is on!


“If that thread moves, you know what I am going to do!”


“Told U!”IMG_0222

“OK, I’ll leave you alone. What’s up with all this STUFF in my window sill?”

IMG_0223 - Version 2

Good Morning, Mr. KY Handsome Santa!  Are you ready to stitch?


KY Sis is in her studio and says, “Yes!” Borders are next for Mr. KY Handsome Santa.

TX Sis asks to see a close-up of fabrics.

IMG_0228 - Version 2

KY Cat Miss Mia is ready to settle in the studio for a Snow-Sew-Day too.


Serious Snow in KY! This is the view from KY Sis studio chair!


And here is more of the backyard covered in several inches!


And the front yard too!


How beautiful is this!

OK – back to stitching,


Here are the first few rows of straight line quilting. No decision had been made on how many straight lines to quilt.


Then the quilt decided.


The lines need to stop before the frayed edge of the alternate block, so the fabric will still “fuff.” Yes, quilts do talk and no, there is no definition for fuff.

KY Sis made the suggestion in a text to fold the “fuff” toward the center and stitch close.  While KY Sis is wondering if that made sense, TX Sis had the snippets out, set,  ready to do just exactly as KY Sis had said.  It made “purrfect” sense.

Back to the cats:


KY Cat Miss Mia is purring like crazy.

“Thank you for this batting. I’ll have it situated just like I want it in a minute.”

“Does this quilt make my eyes look greener?”


TX Cat Miss Pumpkin left the cooler studio to go to the warmer room where the wood stove has the temp much more cozy.


The flags in TX are whipping in the wind from the north, but no snow today.

Back to stitching:


KY Sis will make Bonnie Hunter proud

as the leaders-and-enders move along with the Christmas UFO!


Nope, not a red-white-blue quilt, it’s the border for Mr. KY Handsome Santa

followed by an ender or a leader, or whichever.


Where do “leaders and enders” come from anyway?  The blue strips are left over from another quilt. Gobs of white two inch strips are just here.  Must have been a binding not used.  And now KY Sis has a “stash” of L&Eers waiting for a project.

Snow-Sew-Day continues after TX Sis takes a lunch break.



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