Snow-Sew Days (Day 2)

Meanwhile, back in TX – WAIT!  What?  Snow in KY is expected.  Snow in TX – well – not-so-much.  TX Sis first text of the day at 8:07 am is SNOW!


Thus the title of the post is Snow-Sew-Day 2!

Sisters agreed that yesterday’s first Snow-Sew-Day, Quilting Across-the-Miles via text was

way fun!  Of course all of this would not be possible if KY Sis would not have SURPRIZED TX Sis BIG TIME when she flipped-out her NEW phone when she visited TX in December.

No flip-fone for her!  No more tiny keyboard!  AND a CAMERA!!!!

TX Sis is so singing and doing a happy dance!


KY Sis first text of the day – “Welcome to our Furlong Trail winter wonderland.”


KY Sis begins – “Good sunny KY morning, in quilting room with iron heating up.  Project for today is sleeves for hanging quilts.  Many r hung with pins. Also checking for the label status as I do sleeves.  Sounds good huhh??????”


TX flag is soaked as snow fluffs its way to the cold ground.


No TX sunshine today.


TX birds will have those feeder empty in no time!

Did U receive a new feeder for your birthday?

Ok, there were some texts that were related to quilting and then there were other texts that allowed us to just catch-up with one another.  Never-mind that there was a phone conversation of over one and a half hours last weekend!  As soon as TX Sis was off the phone a list was started of questions-forgot-to-ask…..

And lest one would think that on a day of quilting there are no distractions…

After TX Sis quilted for over an hour, the wood stove needed to be stoked. The laundry needed to go in the dryer. In case grandson comes for a nap this afternoon, all laundry could be picked up. Phone call came from Mona.  Long arm bee is meeting, can she borrow back the quilts just quilted?  Of course!

TX Sis thought process changed from quilting Roy Rogers’ quilt to what quilts could be passed next to Mona.  um – where are those tops?  Are the backs cut?

KY Sis is starting to pack a box to ship to TX.  Some of her tops will go to Mona.

“I just might be in the box.”

Texts can be the real and “pretend.”

TX Sis – “Just thinking- if we have to have this cold of weather – let’s fly to Jackson for the weekend away from routine!  Call the private jet pilot!”

Then there is the practical.  After ironing a top and a back, TX Sis finally woke up and realized the iron was not hot.  Grrrrr – whose awake?  More than that – whose mind is elsewhere…..  Time to pull the Christmas present iron out of the box and rev it up!  Good question – do you repair an iron or just go for a new one?

Hours pass quickly when stitching – especially when moving along with long-distance-sis’s encouragement!  Both of us agreed that this was SO MUCH FUN!

There was one bunny-rabbit-trail we took with those leaders and enders.  KY Sis quickly brought us back to task and we agreed that we would plan another day when labels, sleeves, etc were not priority.

Ha!  One of the top priorities for TX Sis was labeling some un-labeled finished quilts.

O-Da-Dear-Dear-Dear-Dear! (Honest confession photo next.)


Six – no, seven quilts with no labels.  And that was just a quick glance around. Who knows what year those were made!  Who quilted them? Where are those receipts? (Beware- really honest confession photo next.)


Texts from KY Sis were few and far between, day 2.  And there were NO photos!

“The exercise equipment is now the holding place for pressed strips.”  Come on!  Where is the evidence?  Where is the photo?  “I did good. We r quilting at Kitty’s tomorrow. I have three sleeves to stitch.  I thought that was good.  Also cleaned a brown bag of scraps to take to guild for the free table.”  Again, come on!  Where is the evidence?  Where is the photo?

Sista’s are so good for one another. When the above honest photos were sent to KY Sis with text “Piles will SOON be in notebooks.  NOTE to self! Make the label when me finish the quilt!”

KY Sis response, “What a novel idea. Is it a BIG note??? Tee hee”

Began with snow.  Will end with snow. Late afternoon snow is on the leaves of trees outside TX studio.



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