Happy Birthday KY Sis

The end of January means it is time to come forth with

Happy Birthday wishes to my KY Sis!!!

Here she is with her red and white Bargello table runner.


As sisters do and especially quilting sisters, we spur each other on and on.Since labeling quilts was the January guild program in KY documenting quilts was a topic of one such phone conversation.  I asked Phyl to send me photos of quilts that are done, labeled and we would begin her “Quilt Portfolio.”

Here are the photos Phyl sent. The first quilt ‘qualifies’ as a quilt she made.  The second quilt ‘qualifies’ as a quilt she owns.  So the blog’s categories will show “KY Quilt’s Portfolio” and well as “KY Quilt’s Collection.”  How fun this will be!



(Sorry for the oversized view of the label,

but it was the only size that is legible

to allow you to know the fun design details of this quilt.)

Here is the quilt shown under the presser foot on the sewing table to give size perspective.


How about this yellow and purple!



IMG_0053 - Version 2

Phyl’s RED Featherweight gives size perspective for this quilt.


1 thought on “Happy Birthday KY Sis

  1. Many thanks to my JSS sisters in Texas for my birthday wishes. You are the best. Judy and I are enjoying this journey of journaling and what an honor to be part of her blog and of course, her life. Texas and Kentucky may be miles apart, but in our hearts we are together. God’s sweet peace and blessings be with each of you. Keep on stitchin. Love, Phyl

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