Happy New Year – 2014!

The first week of January 2014 is here! 
This delightfully vintage card does express my heartfelt prayer for All!
You can see more vintage holiday greetings posted by Amy Barickman 
of Indygo Junction and All Things Vintage.
These first few days of the year I have enjoyed time
in my studio
stitching several quilts, sorting more quilts to stitch and selecting even more ideas…
I have enjoyed time to surf blogs and web sites for news, ideas and inspiration.
As much as I like the ideas, words and photos that are shared, 
I especially enjoy the ‘home page’ of creative artist and entrepeneurs like
Amy Barickman.  On her home page it says “My blog – follow my journey.”
“My inspiration – where it all comes from,” “My passions – what keeps me going.”

I am already a subscriber and fan of Where Women Create.
Dear Hubby scored this year and added another subscription for me:
“Where Women Create BUSINESS.”
Whereby I love my tech connection with creative artists around the world,
I still LOVE magazines – just nothing like turning the pages…..
Check out Stampington & Company if you are with me:
http://stampington.comHere are some descriptive statements by Stampington & Company about
“Where Women Create Business:”Where Women Create BUSINESS is an invaluable guide for every woman business owner – from those just starting out to experienced artisans. Through advice columns and in-depth feature articles, Where Women Create BUSINESS offers a multitude of knowledge and inspiration to women with a passion for success. In addition to the breathtaking photography and illuminating stories you’ve come to expect from Where Women Create, each feature in this groundbreaking publication provides a tangible and qualified takeaway that readers and professional-minded people of all levels can apply to their own businesses — from tips for taking dynamic, close-up product shots to how to get the most out of your social media campaigns…….


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