JSS Christmas 2014

It is time to close the 2013 posts and 
I cannot end the year without mentioning the annual JSS Christmas party.
I had an absotively posilutely wonderful day!
Here is a link to read Cookie’s descriptive blog and
to see photography that speaks more than a thousand words:
http://cookiescreek.comI will share this group photo from Cookie’s blog
because it means SO much to me and to our group!
And then I will post a few pics and share what they mean to me.

It is indeed a treasure to have a photo of this group called JSS!
Each and every one is significant to the group as a whole
and the blessings we share one to one are priceless!

At the start of the day, I had such good intentions to photograph
and document the day.

Dear Hubby took these pics of Phyl and I prepared to greet everyone.
Yes, we are sisters – separated by miles –
Phyl and her family live in Lexington, KY.
The love of quilting is one of the many ribbons that tie a tight bond for us.

This was the table before all the food arrived and
I did not even take a shot of the FULL table.

Gloria was one of the first to arrive and wanted to come upstairs.
The bean counter is a gorgeous piece of furniture that Gloria owned.
She wanted to see it settled in its new home.
O how I LOVE this treasure!

Downstairs the gang was gathering and Granddaughter Poppy is one of the youngest.

Well, Poppy is the youngest gal!
Grandson Brennen is the youngest male to come to the party.
Grandson Cameron was here too, but a photographer had to be quick
to catch him on one of his “fly-bys” to avoid the gathering of gals!

Blonde Mama Candice is introducing Brennen to Betty.
This is the first time for them to meet.
Candice has known Betty and her family for many years,
so this is a special moment!
I am glad those pictures of Betty and Brennen are good,
because the next two of Betty not so much.
But I have to share the show ‘n tell that Phyl brought!

Isn’t this intricately pieced bargello striking!

Lest we become too serious, one just has to look at Sally
with that Mr. Silly Snowman on her head!

And last photo, but not least is a quick glance at my WONDERFUL
“Buttons and Bling” blocks.
My request was that all fabric, buttons, bling be natural, neutral tone on tone, 
light muslin, dark muslin, burlap – please, no colors.  
Bling can be golds, silver, sparleeeee buttons too.

I absotively posilutely LOVE my blocks!!!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

2 thoughts on “JSS Christmas 2014

  1. Judy, you blogged!!! Yay!!! You have a gift of gab girl, and I am so glad your shared your special pictures and happy you could use a few of mine. Happy New Year to a very dear friend!

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