“Over the River…”

 “Over the River” is one of the many themes of our TXQuilt Country Living.  
This theme is represented in the front foyer by this quilt.
 This little wooden sign hung on the wall for years.
Even as a little girl I loved the sing song of “Over the River…”
The visions I dreamed from my childhood
growing up in America’s midwest became reality in Texas
when we built our house two decades ago.

Now this favorite quilt fills my heart with gratefulness and joy! 
The quilt has needlework that repeats that phrase.  
My talented, meticulously creative friend, Jean Littlefield 
gave me the needlework as a gift!  
Then I made stars, stars and more stars.  
The finishing touches of quilting were added 
by my talented, meticulously creative, friend, Susan Corbett!
The pieced blocks divide the needlework.
The smaller stars are the border frame.
Yes, I love to piece stars!

The original design pattern is a published pattern by Crabapple Hill
Since I really, really really love stars,  I made some adjustments.

See the deer in the quilt design!

See the stonework of the bridge!

Yes, we have a ‘waterway’ in front of our home.  
I am not sure I would label it a river,
but here is a photo of the bridge we cross to our garage.


The detail of the snowflakes in the border is amazing!
You can see more of Susan’s talent at
Susan studied snowflakes and quilted sparkling variety!
Can you see why this is one of my all time favorite quilts!
Yes, it was several years in the making, 
but it was SO worth the collaboration!
This quilt is an example of one of the many reasons
why I am SO passionate about quilting and
why I have been quilting for several decades!
Not only am I blessed to own this amazing quilt,
but I am blessed again and again
by the relationships I have with Jean and Susan!
My heart overflows with gratitude to them for this quilt!!!

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