Christmas – day three – Log Cabin Quilts

Christmas would not be complete without my
Log Cabin Quilts!
This Christmas Star Log Cabin is one of my favorites!  
Made by my KY Sis – always on display each Christmas.
Here is a detail of the center
so you can see the lovely quilting
with gleaming thread.
Next is Christmas by Candlelight.
The Christmas by Candlelight is one of my favorites.
Although I made this for Christmas, 
I just cannot store it away the rest of the year.  
This is displayed in my quilt studio all year long.
Another Log Cabin quilt –  
  is Pine Tree Log Cabin and is one of my favorites.
Yet another of  – you guessed it – my “favorite” quilts
 is this Cactus Flower Log Cabin.  
Once I wrapped my mind around the concept that black 
is bright, gay and sparkly,
I couldn’t wait to work on this quilt!

One reason this quilt is so special is because of the flower fabrics. 
 I had collected the fabrics that had been given by friends 
who gifted to me fat quarters or pieces from their travels. 
I added some other prints of that season of quilting. 
 All in all I love each and every flower!
The quilting was done by my hand quilting friend Janet Lamb
 who used red thread.  
I know it looks pink in the photo, but it is as red as the red fabric.  
And her choice of curving the lines creates one more reason 
this quilt is dear to me.
Another note about the black,
I planned to and used many different black fabrics.
In years to come someone may look at all the blacks and
think I must have run out of one black and used another,
but I initiated this concept in the design
to add texture and depth.
Sometimes the quilt is on display over a chair, 
or on the couch with this little Log Cabin pillow. 
 One last reason I love this quilt is the backing –
 a favorite Jinny Beyer classic!
 As you have perceived, Log Cabin Quilts are my favorites. 
 Here is what is on the design wall now.
Soon this sample will be hanging in a class room.
May it be the inspiration for students to come to love Log Cabin quilts!

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