More travels in Northern California

Yes, it is October and this blog draft of another day of the JULY Northern California is still sitting here waiting to be posted.  So here goes….

Re-wind – and think back to July.

Patty is in the driver’s seat and LaLa is co-pilot.  Peggy and Madelyn are back seat “drivers” and we are off – from Penngrove to Point Reyes Station – and stops in Petaluma.

Of course we are all smiles.
What’s not to like anticipating another day of “tasting!”

First stop of the day – The Cheese Factory.

Fun cookie jar collection inside.



Peaceful grounds outside!


Morning travel took us to Point Reyes National Seashore.


Into the visitor’s center


Yes, we learned that when you travel several miles
on the west coast, that the sun does disappear.
And the fog may hide the sites.
Fortunately we could see the dairy cows
who had ignored fences.
Patty and Peggy had on their walking shoes
and they ventured the path to the Light House.
Madelyn and I photographed the plants
in the sandy soil that had bushes of leaves
like our Texas Blue Bonnets.
Yellow daisy-like-blooms.
More blooms going to seed looking like Blue Bonnets. 
See, really like bushes!
Next stop The Station House Cafe,
in Point Reyes Station for lunch
This is Linda’s idea of comfort food:
Patty had another idea.
Judy had another idea:
Does that sign really say “wild west?”
After lunch, back on the road
going this way
And that!
Wildlife to see
And see
And see!
Patty handled the roads with ease!
She drove us to the quilt shop in Petaluma
just before closing time!
The owner collects crocheted hot pads.
Is this really a question for California?
Maybe for Texas!

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