July 2011 – Trip to Penngrove, CA

LaLa and Sam say- “Welcome to our Penngrove home!”  
This is the front door. 
The front “gardens” are a-bloom with glorious colors!  
Since most of the color in Texas is gone in the heat, 
it was delightful to photograph rose after rose, 
each one unique in color and glee!



 It’s difficult to designate a favorite,
 but this one is sure SPECTACULAR!
Yes, there are many rose bushes.
Sam and Linda do love roses.
Most of these were already here.
 There are other flowers and plants too:
The corner of the window you see is LaLa’s quilt studio. 
 What a beautiful view!
 Here we are – Judy Linn, 
Linda Sampson, Madelyn Norville, 
Peggy Sympson and Patty Spinelli –
 sitting on the rock wall in front of the Sampson home.
 I – myself – and me –  so grateful for these friends!
 And I think this photograph is so good of all us – 
see, no one’s eyes are closed!
Lovely Linda!
 Everyone has a lover-ly smile!
Marvelous Madelyn!
 The morning sun and shadows are bright.
Sweet Smiling Peggy!
And the setting is so peaceful!
As is Precious Peaceful Patty!
We will cherish this photo and this visit for years to come!
Thank you Sam for being our photographer!
To continue here are a few photos of the Penngrove home.
Roses came inside!
LaLa has a ‘welcome nook’ in this home too!
These cute little chicks reside in the kitchen!

One morning I made pinto beans waffles!

The corner cabinet has a new corner in the new home too!
 LaLa prepared monkey bread for us one mornin.

See LaLa’s “professional tote” on the chair.
It is packed for the day’s travels.
Here are a few more photos around the house- 
LaLa’s quilt studio.
It is obvious we did no stitching. 
This room is waaaaaay too tidy!
Not only is Sam our photographer, but he opened the wine.
One evening we had our personal olive oil tasting
 with cheese and wine. 
Fine, fun evening!
Now to the backyard!
We are standing under one of the magnificent coastal oaks.
It is difficult to photograph any perspective here 
because these trees are so massive and magnificent!  
These trees shed their leaves,
 but you do not rake them. 
 The fallen leaves provide necessary nutrients for the tree.  
How sweet is this! 
 In case you did not notice, there is no green grass to grow, 
nor mow and since the leaves do not need raked, 
Sam has to find something else to do! 
 Like I said, “How sweet is this!”
This is the back of the house. 
One evening we sat on the deck for wine and cheese. 
The temps were cool and comfy —
no complaints from the travelers from Texas.
The drive leads to the “Coach House.”
Here we are, never at a loss for words!

Preparing for the photo….

More preparation, 

 Enjoying a morning moment on the porch of the coach house.

Hibiscus blooming at side of coach house.

OK – remember that tote of LaLa’s that was packed, ready to go.
Here are all of our totes.
The trunk is loaded.
Next stop Napa.

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