Spring Road Trip to Lake Grapevine – before the summer heat sets in.

Travel, May-2011 finds us in a new mode of transport!  Jim and I have returned to the RVing world.  
In anticipation of longer trips, I decided a local “shakedown” would be a good idea. There is a beautiful area at Lake Grapevine, called Vineyards Campground http://www.vineyardscampground.com/index.php.       
                                         Here are some snapshots of our FUN!  
I actually backed into this campsite,  WITH the help of Miss Peyton!


Doesn’t she look like a “pro!”  And then it was off to the playground! 
You can see the rig in the background.
Uncle Dan helped Mr. Cameron at the top of this climb. 
 Uncle Dan and Aunt Candice came for a visit since I was only a few miles from home.
Daddy is supervising this climb!  Tall Cameron became VERY TALL!
Daddy came to pick up the chillens to take them home to sleep.
Our guest at the campsite is not as crazy about Doritos as we are.
Electrifying times on the purple slide!  So cute! And then the slide is FULL!

Pop Pop came to visit too.  He would bring the chillens to Gramma’s campsite to play each day.

Lunch time in the motorhome was also an “art lesson.”  
What color does red, yellow and white make?

Maybe it depends upon who is mixing the palette.
One afternoon we went for a walk to go see the geese.
You should have heard us squeeeeeel when this goose came at us!!!!

We would rather view the geese from afar. ~grins~
and enjoy more giggles-double sliding!

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