Creativity Begins

Ahhhhhh – Let creativity begin. Nothing like a clear table!

Creativity begins when pens and pencils are at hand. The new set of fine tip pens are ready. Colored pencil pack is nearby. Not only is there an array of sharpened colored pencils with unused sharpener, but two sizes of markers with two sizes of points. And there is more – two brushes with twenty-four little cubes of color. What shall hold the water to mix the colors? Look at the creativity on the coffee cups painted with shape of Texas filled with colorFULL wildflowers. Inspiration is here in the details! Sketching, drawing, marking and painting can begin.

Creativity begins when the sketch diary is found with notes from an art class of long ago. That will be fun to review. Here’s another sketch pad purchased on a quilt shop excursion. The scenic watercolor painting cover opens to blank pages. Paper is thick to absorb marker’s ink.

Does creativity have a “sound?” Tracing tablet is found with onion skin paper. Why is this crinkly paper so fun? Sketching abilities may not be at the top of artistic skills, but tracing can step in and boosts any creative session.

No lines on paper? Where is that spiral bound with the GRAPH paper – yes, grids are good. Admittedly (for me), graph paper would have to be sung for “Favorite Things.”

Sticky notes – there is so much creativity in sticky notes. What color? What shape? “G” is for Gramma. Always need a sticky note so those incoming thoughts are not lost even if they sometimes interrupt.

Does all this sound like the table of a quilter? Well, you see, yesterday’s stop at the book store took me to the unending display of magazines. And “Where Women Create” came home with me. The cover listed a story of Luana Rubin of That caught my attention as well as the subtitle of magazine “Inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women.”
Yesterday also included a phone conversation with Daughter who rearranged over the weekend. The desk of great, great grandmother was moved to be the desk for Six Year Old’s creative sessions.

Yesterday also included a stop at Son and Daughter’s house. In the office colorful paint ‘chips’ are on the desk to discuss changes for the walls. Love those little cards of color! After the walls are painted, a new table would be a good addition to the room. Design paper is out with drawing of a table.

So this blog begins and ends with a table. Where does creativity begin? With new pens or paint? In a sketch book? On graph paper? Reading a magazine? Rearranging furniture? New colors on the walls? Building a new table or clearing a table? Where-ever, let-it-begin!

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